You should contact The Jeremy Kyle Show on their general enquiries telephone number 0161 952 0464 to discuss your application to the programme, to purchase a ticket or to register a complaint regarding any offensive content or language that ITV may have aired.


Applications and General Enquiries – 0161 952 0464

The Jeremy Kyle Show is a British talk show that has been broadcast on ITV since 2005. The show is aired each weekday at 9:25am, focuses on confrontations between guests regarding a host of significant issues such as drug addiction and infidelity. You can therefore call the Jeremy Kyle Show on their general enquiries contact number for applications and general enquiries 0161 952 0464 if you are considering getting involved with the programme. For instance, callers will be able to use this number discuss the application process if they think they are eligible to participate in an upcoming episode. Notably, the Jeremy Kyle show regularly features calls for applications that pertain to specific issues, such as parental custody battles and paternity disputes. Alternatively, you may prefer to feature in the studio audience and can call the above telephone number to contact a box office representative regarding ticket sales. You may also wish to request a Jeremy Kyle episode list if you believe a particular episode is missing from the ITV HUB online catch-up service or the YouTube channel.

In addition, you will also be able to contact the Jeremy Kyle Show on their enquiries helpline 0161 952 0464 to report offensive language or content that they may have featured in one of their episodes or in any of ITV’s other programmes.


Cost of Calling the Show

It should be noted that The Jeremy Kyle Show operates a regional Greater Manchester contact number meaning that calls will cost the  same per-minute rate of a local phone call, whether you are using a UK  landline or mobile. However, your call may be free if you are using a phone package with inclusive minutes or free calls to geographic numbers.


Jeremy Kyle Show Phone Numbers

Jeremy Kyle Show Topic UK Contact Number
Applications 0161 952 0464
DNA Tests 0161 952 0543
Lie Detector Tests 0161 952 6067
Thefts 0161 952 0523
Child Custody 0161 952 0464
Feuding Families 0161 952 1041
Relationships/ Break-ups 0161 952 0777
Bad Parents 0161 952 0777
Addictions 0161 952 1041
Family Reunions 0161 952 0523


Email ITV

However, if you have been unable to contact a representative from The Jeremy Kyle Show over the phone then you will still be able to discuss the programme when writing to the ITV viewer enquiries email address: