Contact ITV News Meridian for free on their freephone number 0808 101 0095 to submit a Bournemouth news story, for local weather updates and to request archive broadcast footage.

ITV Meridian is the local news production company which broadcasts to the South-East of England, including the popular seaside resort town of Bournemouth. Therefore you can call their freephone contact number 0808 101 0095 for free to submit a local story about the town, they will then ask you to confirm whether you would like to appear on the evening news programme to be interviewed by their team of presenters.

You can also call this helpline to submit a traffic update if there has been a severe accident or diversions affecting one of the town’s main roads. Moreover please call this helpline to request previously broadcast footage if you are involved with a historical project about the town, this is also useful if you would like more information about a charity or event which was featured in a news item. You can call ITV News Meridian anytime between 9am-8pm Monday-Friday therefore if you need to contact them outside of these hours please use their email address


ITV Viewer Services – 0344 881 4150

Contact ITV Viewer Services on their national phone number 0344 881 4150 to make a complaint about a Meridian News broadcast, for example if you believe a Bournemouth resident was unfairly represented in their programme. Additionally if they presented incorrect information about a building or area of the beach-side town you can phone this helpline to correct their mistake.


ITV News Meridian contact numbers

Meridian News department ITV phone number
ITV News Meridian 0808 101 0095
ITV Viewer Services (complaints) 0344 881 4150


Write to ITV News Meridian

You can write to ITV News Meridian by sending letters to the postal address of their their Hampshire studios which is provided below, if you have any pictures of Bournemouth that you would like to submit you can send copies to them in the post too.

ITV News Meridian,
Fusion 3,
1200 Parkway,
PO15 7AD,
United Kingdom.