Phone Hope Radio on the contact number of their Bournemouth office 01202 569 239 to enter a phone-in competition, to request a song or to ask the station to advertise a local community event.


Hope Radio Office Number – 01202 569 239

You can contact Hope Radio by calling the telephone number of their Bournemouth office 01202 569 239 to participate in a phone-in competition that has been advertised by the station. Alternatively, you may wish to get in touch with the community radio station to ask them to advertise a local event. By the same token, you can speak to the station manager to ask what is currently being advertised in the area. Hope Radio also encourages listeners to phone in to request a specific song or to dedicate a track to a loved one. Similarly, if you have listened to a specific song on the station you can use this number to ask for Hope’s track lists for details about the artist.

As the radio station is community-run, it relies on the donation of its supporters to stay on air. You can therefore contact the Hope FM office to become a supporter over the phone, before setting up a regular donation of as little as £5 a month.

You should also phone Hope FM on their studio contact number 01202 569 239 to register a complaint about the content of one of their shows or if you have heard offensive language spoken on the station. Alternatively, you may wish to get in touch to provide live traffic updates following delays or in response to a call for witnesses regarding a particular Bournemouth news story.


Cost of Calling the Station

Hope Radio Station runs a local Bournemouth number that will charge callers the standard per-minute rate as any other geographic call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact the station for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes bundled with your mobile tariff.


Email Enquiries

If you have been unable to get in touch with the radio station over the phone, then you will still be able to put forward your enquiries when contacting the Hope FM programme manager on the following email address: