Phone the Bournemouth Daily Echo by dialling their switchboard contact number 01202 554 601 to submit a news item in the town, for the latest AFC Bournemouth news and to place an announcement in the newspaper such as an anniversary or engagement.

The Bournemouth Echo is the local paper for this famous South Coast town which prints daily newspapers from Monday to Saturday each week packed with news from the beach resort and the surrounding area. You can call staff at the newspaper by dialling their telephone contact number 01202 554 601 to place an announcement in the next edition, for example in celebration of a marriage or anniversary. Similarly in the unfortunate case that a loved one has passed away you can call this helpline to place an obituary. Moreover you can call this number to place an advertisement in the classified ads section of the paper, however there will be be a fee to cover the printing costs. You should also call this helpline to make a complaint about the newspaper if you believe that they printed a factually incorrect story.


News desk – 01202 411 293

Phone the news desk at the Bournemouth Daily Echo by calling their UK contact number 01202 411 293 to submit a local story, your opinion on changes in council legislation that will affect you and live updates on incidents such as a road traffic accident. The journalists at the paper will endeavour to print your story in today’s newspaper as well as publishing it on their website.


Bournemouth Echo sports desk – 01202 411 272

If you are a fan of AFC Bournemouth or any other local sports team in the area you can phone the sports desk at the Bournemouth Daily Echo by calling 01202 411 272 to get the latest fixtures, team news and results. Furthermore if you represent a local cricket, football or rugby team you can phone this helpline to submit a match report which may be printed, thus promoting your club across the region.


Letters to the Bournemouth Echo – 01202 411 341

You can submit letters to the Bournemouth Daily Echo by writing to the postal address below or by submitting them via email to If you would like to confirm whether they have recieved your letter you can call their postal team on 01202 411 341, where you can also request an amendment in future editions if they made a spelling error when printing your opinions.

Letters to the Editor,
Daily Echo,
Richmond Hill,
BH2 6HH,
United Kingdom.