Contact BBC Radio Solent by calling their UK telephone number 023 8063 1311 to report a news story or traffic problem in Bournemouth, for feedback about their live shows and for upcoming local sports commentaries.

BBC Radio Solent broadcasts across a large swathe of the South Coast of England including the beach resort town of Bournemouth and in the busy summer months it is no small wonder that the roads clog up with traffic. Therefore it is important to stay updated on local traffic information via readily-available radio stations such as this one. You can even report accidents on the road by calling their general enquiries phone number 023 8063 1311, which is also useful for checking on upcoming live sports commentaries such as cricket matches and AFC Bournemouth football matches. You can also phone this helpline to get their latest track lists in case they played a piece of music which you would like to listen to again. Finally please phone this number if you would like to make a complaint about a talkshow or offensive language on their station.


Dorset Breakfast Show – 0345 900 1038

Contact BBC Radio Solent at their Dorchester Studio via their UK telephone number 0345 900 1038 to contact the on-air presenters on the Dorset Breakfast show, which is broadcast throughout Bournemouth and the surrounding districts. For example if they are running phone-in competitions to win prizes you can call this helpline to enter, however be aware there may be additional charges for this.  Moreover if you have a local news story which you are keen to share you can phone this helpline to comment.


BBC Radio Solent contact numbers (compiled by CPCR)

Department Phone number
General enquiries 023 8063 1311
News desk 023 8063 2811
Breakfast in Dorset – newsroom 01305 262 512
Phone the Breakfast in Dorset studio 0345 900 1038


Email BBC Radio Solent

You can also contact BBC Radio Solent in writing by sending online messages to their dedicated email address; you should mark your email with ‘Bournemouth’ along with the subject matter.